Test and Training Flight Services' Experience


TFS uses highly qualified aircrews which stay current in the USAF Reserves and the Air National Guard. Most have held their Functional Check Flight rating for over 10 years and have over 3,500 hours in the C-130 aircraft alone. 

Systems Flight Test:

  • CMS Electronics CMA-900 FMS
  • Rockwell Collings Flight 2 System FMS
  • Honeywell FMS
  • CAWS - Caustion Advisory Warning System
  • T2CAS
  • Mark VII EGPWS
  • DADC
  • AFCS
  • ALA-52B digital radar altimeter
  • FCS 105 and 109
  • RDR-4B weather radar (Honeywell)
  • APN-241/APN 59/FMR 200X radar
  • MDF-124F SAR/DF
  • Digital APS-85 autopilot
  • AN/ARC 190 HF
  • MCS-4000 Civil Sattelite communication Radio system
  • Dual Litton-92 inertial reference systems
  • APX-119 IFF/mode S transponder
  • 8.33 kHz channel separation - ARC-232 V/UHF radios

Aircraft flown and FCF qualified in:

C130 models: B, E, EC, Super E, F, H, H1, H2, H3, K, LC(H-L1), LC(K-L2), N, P, R, T, WC, Super Guppy, Gulfstream 1, WB-57

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